Tasty News: TEACHERS Season Two Is Back TOMORROW on TV Land


I’ve been waiting for the second season of Teachers with the same anxious excitement an educator holds for summer vacation. TOMORROW on TV Land, the wait is over! Those underpaid, estrogen-fueled, slightly warped caretakers of America’s youth are back on course to conquer their very “lucky” elementary school. Season one of the series was one hilarious educational romp after another. Season two promises more endearing and slightly untoward behavior from our favorite youth influencers, the narcissist diva Ms. Snap (Katy Colloton), the diligent activist Ms. Cannon (Caitlin Barlow), the always undisciplined Ms. Feldman (Cate Freedman), the love lost overachiever Ms. Watson (Kate Lambert), the pious ingenue Ms. Bennigan (Katie O’Brien), and Ms. Adler (Kathryn Renée Thomas), the goth antisocial. In the first episode of the new season the teachers are back from their summer break and ready to take on a premium dating service, a nasty new group of kids, and the mobile classroom. Get a feel for the new season with this trailer:

Guest stars you can expect this season include Haley Joel Osment (Alpha House, Comedy Bang! Bang!) as Mrs. Adler’s husband, Ryan Hansen (Party Down) as Ms. Snap’s foe in the school council race, Jessica St. Clair (Playing House) as a school counselor, and more celeb appearance and cameos. We can’t wait!

Mentions: Teachers returns TOMORROW at 10/9c on TV Land. This comedy is based the web series created by the Katydids and is executive produced by Alison Brie, Ian Roberts and Jay Martel.