Video Licks: THIS GUY Ron Babcock Is “Babcooking with Babcock” on Pi Day

It’s National Pi Day, so, of course, I had to put up some kind of food related post. Sorry, math junkies, it’s time to enjoy some Babcooking with Babcock to give you the perfect recipe for the ultimate crowd-pleasing standup comedy album. With a dash of jokes about family and online dating, PLUS a healthy serving of snuggling, virginity stories, and improv, you can’t go wrong! Ron Babcock’s debut album THIS GUY will be available in digital stores everywhere March 30th from SURE THING RECORDS.

Ron’s official album cover is proudly presented on our front page, but he had to discard so many potential winners along the way to greatness. Check out this handy gallery of the ones he passed up for the sake of comedy. Enjoy!

You can never get enough of the Babcock! BUY that album and get your mind out of the gutter, kids.

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