Video Licks: The MANNERS MEN Have A Polite Chat with “Search Party’s” John Renolds

Above Average

Where have all the manners gone? I think I saw someone wearing their footie pajamas to the market. Gracious me!! Thankfully, we now have two former “bad boys” bringing a little class to the interwebs with the aid of notable guest. This week the MANNERS MEN have a lovely game-filled chat with one of the stars of the TBS comedy/mystery series Search Party. During this fancy, very public tête-à-tête for three, our hosts Mike Antonucci (JFL Montreal, Girls) and Dan Chamberlain (Thingstarter, Dirty 30) get down to the business of discovering John Reynolds is a creamy bisque man, thinks The Monkees & oysters are the tops, knows how to “spot the slob,” and looks quite dabber in “spice trader” duds. Enjoy!

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