Video Licks: WE ARE THOMASSE Shows Off National Dressing Customs in “Act Like a Limey, Think Like a Yank”

We Are Thomasse

The Act Like a Limey, Think Like a Yank series from real life British-American couple We Are Thomasse really has us getting in tune with the culture of our neighbors across the pond. In the latest episode titled “Clothing” we learn all about the dressing habits of Brits and Americans. While in the U.S. comfort and self-expression are key, in Britain it’s a bit more proper, until the rain shows up. Enjoy your dressing up, kids!

The creators of this series are Mark Philip Lichtenstein & Zoe Samuel of Man Powered Films, and Nick Afka Thomas & Sarah Ann Masse of We Are Thomasse (who just so happen to star in the video).

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