Video Licks: Check Out The Must-See Series FRANK & LAMAR at IFC’s Comedy Crib


I cannot resist a web series that includes an omelette-making competition. Eggy weggs FTW! Of course, there’s much more to FRANK AND LAMAR, the new series on IFC’s Comedy Crib, which follows the lives of two best friends and roommates who teach at an elite NYC private school. Topics ranging from climbing the corporate ladder to middle school safe spaces punctuate the core plot in which Frank and Lamar’s individual life plans slowly diverge. Anthony Gaskins and Carl Foreman, Jr. are the creators and stars of the series. The on-screen rapport of the two lends immensely to the comedic fluidity of the series, and performances by supporting players like, Tessa Claire Hersh & Iman Richardson (who play Frank and Lamar’s girlfriends Jenny and Angela) and Natasha Vaynblat & Evan Hoyt Thompson (who play fellow teachers Diane and Gideon) only enhance the fresh storyline. We look forward to future comedic collaborations from Gaskins and Foreman Jr.! Enjoy episode one below and watch the rest of the series at IFC.

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