Video Licks: It’s Dungeons and OCD in IFC Comedy Crib’s New Series ‘NEUROTICA’ From Jenny Jaffe

OK, Jenny Jaffe’s NEUROTICA is not exactly your cookie cutter comedy. The 6 episode series, currently streaming in IFC’s Comedy Crib, features Jaffe as a Dominatrix named Ivy with OCD who must try to save her business when a rival dungeon comes to town. As she loses clients, she must grapple with her fears and maybe find true love in the process. You may recognize Jaffe from the the Balloon Room series she did with Project UROK, a non-profit dedicated to teen mental illness which Jaffe founded, and is now an initiative of the Child Mind Institute. Jaffe used comedy to deal with her own OCD and anxiety growing up, so it’s no surprise she would bring both smiles and healing to Neurotica’s audience. Check out the first episode and get to know this small-town dominatrix with an aversion to mouths. Enjoy! (WARNING: some adult subject matter. duh.)

You can watch the rest of the series on Comedy Crib and YouTube.

Mentions: Neurotica is produced and directed by Jetpacks Go!. Jenny Jaffe is currently a staff writer for Disney’s Big Hero 6. She’s written at CollegeHumor, MTV’s Nikki and Sara Live, and served as head writer on the pilot, Love Week, for VH1 Online.