Video Licks: The Saucy Spirits Are Out to Play in NIGHTPANTZ’s “Modern Ouija Board”

It’s ouija board season, kids. Fun fact: Did you know I’ve never participated in a session because as a youth my parental units sternly cautioned against summoning spirits? What an obedient/gullible kid! Well, NIGHTPANTZ has ignored that warning and are offering their Modern Ouija Board sketch for some chilling laughs. This time the spirits are a little cheekier than you’d expect. Enjoy! (WARNING: NSFW creepy ghost content)

This video was written and shot in ten hours during a Nightpantz 10 Hour Film Challenge. The vid was directed by Dan Masso, written by Nikki DiGaetano, produced by Tim Lacatena and features Carol Matthews-Nicoli, Teri Jo Rask, Tim Lacatena, Danielle Motley, Crystal Franceschini, and Nikki DiGaetano.

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