Video Licks: More Sethward in VANDERPOOL’S “Boylent: Soylent for Boys”


Looks like those meal replacement products are not just for grown ups anymore! Vanderpool offers up more “dark chuckles” for your internet consumption in their newest video Boylent: Soylent for Boys. When that old dinner table Soylent is just too boring for the youngins, spice it up with some Boylent, now in Choco-Double-Fudge, Peanut-Butter & Caramel-Swirel, Radical Rainbow & Chewbacca Cheese with a special boy prize! Enjoy! (WARNING: Prizes are not always age appropriate & your Boylent may contain lead and cadmium.)

This sketch stars Sethward, John Norris, Danielle McRae Spisso, Miles Berman, Tim Everson, and Patrick Sylvester.

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