Tasty News: Listen to Heidecker & Wood’s “Some Things Never Stay the Same”

The comedy musical duo that is Heidecker & Wood are streaming their new album Some Things Never Stay the Same over at EW.com. Tim Heidecker and composer David Wood attempted to play the record last night on YouTube but per Tim’s Twitter the “issue has to do with some deep YouTube algorithms about copyright – controlled by bots these days.” Fans were majorly bummed but at least they only had to wait a day to hear the other tracks. One fan had a better answer to the listening party debacle “Youtube was using Cinco brand servers.” Last night I listened to the first two tracks “Cocaine” and “What else is new” and they did not disappoint. Heidecker & Wood’s previous album Starting From Nowhere payed homage to yacht rock where Some Things Never Stay the Same has a more moody 70s vibe. You album won’t be out until Tuesday, November 12 but in the meantime get your streams in while they are around and check out JASH for more news.

Mentions: To pre-order “Some Things Never Stay the Same”, click HERE.