Video Licks: We Can’t Wait for Comedy Central’s Dark Workplace Comedy CORPORATE

It’s a bit surreal to see comedians, whose work you’ve admired over the years and who you’ve watched perform repeatedly on stage, splashed across your TV screen. I better get used to it because CORPORATE arrives January 17th, 2018 on Comedy Central. Misery loves company, so it will be no surprise that a dark, workplace comedy is just what the corporate underlings ordered. From writer Matt Ingebretson and directors Jake Weisman and Pat Bishop, CORPORATE is a satirical comedy that follows two junior executives-in-training, played by Ingebretson and Weisman, as they do the unpleasant will of their superiors at Hampton DeVille.

You may be familiar with Ingebretson from the “Good Heroin” stand-up show he co-hosts with Dave Ross, his McSweeney’s articles, The Impolite book of comedy essays, and, his stellar comedy video work. His collaborators, Weisman and Bishop, you will remember from the all-male sketch comedy group Women. We can’t wait for the wretchedness clearly demonstrated in these promotional videos to be conveyed by these corporate tools. Enjoy! (WARNING: Some adult situations)

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Posted by Corporate on Friday, December 8, 2017

Mentions: “Comedy Central is Corporate” Wednesday, January 17, 2018. Image c/o Corporate’s Facebook.