Adam DeVine, what’s not to love about him? He has energy for days, he’s the crazy guy from Workaholics, he puts on one of the best stand-up hybrid shows on cable, Adam Devine’s House Party, and he’s the new manny on Modern Family. Mr Devine was interviewed by the masses on Reddit yesterday. Of course, it was one big Internet party but we managed to pluck the best question/answers and bring them to you today. Enjoy!

Fan: Do you get fan mail from dyslexic Maroon 5 fans?

Fan: When do you plan on doing another stand up tour? We saw you in Nashville, and you were amazing!
Adam: I’m hoping to go back out in jan or feb.

Fan: How does blake do his hair?
Adam: Nothing but a sorcerer did put a spell on his scalp at birth

Fan: Any sitcoms within the last five years that you’d sacrifice a small-to-extra medium sized person to write for?
Adam: EASTBOUND AND DOWN is the funniest rawest show to come out in the past… forever.

Fan: Were you there when Blake broke his back?
Adam: yes. it was at our house we lived in together. we were throwing a holiday party. we had a meat and cheese tray so you know its real.

Fan: How have you liked working with Sofia Vergara on Modern Family? Also is she that hot in person?
Adam: Very hot. Eric Stonestreet straight called me out for starring at her butt.

Fan: Huge fan of the show, my best friend introduced me to it.
1.Do you have a favorite episode?
2.Do you have a favorite beer/liquor?
3.Out of all the famous people you’ve met, which one was the coolest?
1) Um… I like real time, business trip, checkpoint gnarly (B-rad) I dunno… I really like workaholics. haha.
2) Vodka, bud light
3) Seth Rogan is pretty cool. I also met wesley snipes which was insane.

Fan: Erik Griffin was asked in his AMA a while back about who he thought was the most like their character on Workaholics and he said that you were. Can you confirm this? and if asked the same question, who would you say is most like their character on the show?
Adam: Um… maybe me. I’m slightly less stupid tho.

Fan: Can you discuss the movie you guys are gonna be doing with Seth Rogen?
Adam: A little bit. Its a big action comedy movie. Seth is helping us produce it. which basically means he helps us talk to dudes in suits that we’re to immature to talk to and he also will help us sell our movie to the studio. ALSO, also, Seth and Evan have given us notes to make our movie more movie-ish. It’s NOT a workaholics movie but it is starring the three of us.

Fan: What was it like being asked personally, through his assistant, to sing backup for John Mayer’s new album? Also, do you say “collar-less leather jacket” or “color-less lather jacket”?
Adam: I was suppose to say “Collar-less” but my mouth wasnt working well that day…

Fan: What is the creative process on Workaholics like? Is it mostly scripted or is there a lot of improv on set?
Adam: We write full scripts but when we’re shooting we cut loose and get weird. We like to have fun on set and thats the best way.

Fan: Who is the one Actor/comedian that you consider to be your biggest influence? Who got you into comedy?
Adam: I literally cried when Chris Farley died. I did impressions of him on the radio in Omaha where i grew up. They would pay me in concert tickets and Matchbox 20 cd’s. When he died I was devastated. I thought he was the funniest man in the world. Sadler was also a comedy super hero.

Fan: Hey Adam I am a big fan. Any advice for an aspiring stand up comedian? Also do you guys get as weird on drugs as much as portrayed on the show?
Adam: Just do as much stand up as you can. More than what seems normal. Become an addict to it. AND no I dont do that many drugs. The characters on workaholics are real dummies.

Fan: MARRY FUCK KILL: alice, jillian, blake
Adam: I would Marry all of them.

Fan: The Adam Devine’s House Party is pretty tight butthole. I’m a big standup comedy nerd. But I’ve never heard of these people. Where did you find these people Mr. Adam Sir?
Adam: A lot of them are my buddies from stand up that haven’t been on tv and the rest we’re guys that showcased and I thought they were funny. I wanted the show to give new comics the chance to do stand up but also something a lil weird a diff

Mentions: Watch new episodes of Adam Devine’s House Party Thursdays 12:30a/11:30c on Comedy Central. New episodes of Workaholics coming in 2014