Video Licks: PINK-EYE PAMMY Serves Up Some Revenge in “A Woman Scorned”

Skip’s been caught red-handed! Yep, our Pink-Eye Pammy is on the rampage because she just learned her beau has been spending quality time at the neighboring “tug & rub” massage parlor. Say it isn’t so! Well, in Pammy’s playbook there’s only one way to deal with this type of behavior and it starts with the letter R! REVENGE will be served in the forms of personal item sabotage, reputation destruction, and, don’t forget, family relocation! Enjoy Pink-Eye Pammy: A Woman Scorned!

Note to self, never cross Pammy! This video was brought to you by Matt S. McCormick.

Mentions: Don’t miss Matt’s GO RICKI! show at The PIT April 25th. The topic will be “Stop Smoking Pot…Or I’m Leaving You!.”