Quick Dish NY: The UNCANNY VALLEY Standup Comedy Show 4.17 at Hell Phone

The “Uncanny Valley” is that concept where an object, perhaps a robot or animated character, becomes so aesthetically lifelike it makes us real humans feel “run for your life” uncomfortable. You know, like you did with that Polar Express movie. Tuesday, April 17th at speakeasy french restaurant and bar Hell Phone in Bushwick, The Uncanny Valley: A Standup Comedy Show brings you the pure truth that is standup, except that the interpretation of that truth is really always up to the observer. Philosophical thoughts hurt our wittle heads. Hosts Amber Rollo & Danny Felts will get you in the mood of acceptance before some of their favorite comedians do some sweet, tight sets. April’s guests include

Ashley Gavin
David Piccolomini
Cathy Humes
Kevin O’Brien
Veronica Garza
Jeremy Hammond

Did we mention free drinks will be raffled off to people who RSVP at THIS LINK? Now that’s a truth we get behind! Come join in the fun!

Mentions: Show 8pm. RSVP HERE. Hell Phone is located at 247 Varet St, Brooklyn NY (go through the phone booth in the back of Ange Noir).