Video Licks: PINK-EYE PAMMY Gets “Next to Paranormal”

Video Licks: PINK-EYE PAMMY Gets “Next to Paranormal”
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“I like Unsolved Mysteries, but I don’t want to live IN Unsolved Mysteries, you know what I mean?” Pammy, we totally know what you mean! In this new episode of the Pink-Eye Pammy series, our blue lipped and blue collar heroine brings us some stories of the paranormal variety. It seems Pammy’s granddaughter has been learning all about a Bridgewater Triangle town that’s famous for other worldly activities and hauntings. Are the Native American spirits getting revenge for all those 4th of July parties folks have been throwing on their burial sites? Mebbe. I sure hope Pammy stays out of the woods with all these creepy happenings going on. I mean, where would we be without her? Also, if them ghosts aren’t too busy, could they help out around the house. Lord knows, Pammy could use the help! Enjoy Pink-Eye Pammy: Next to Paranormal!

This series is brought to you by Matt S. McCormick!

Mentions: Watch more Pammy HERE. Also, Check out Matt at the “End of The Line” Comedy Show in Astoria! He’ll be joined by some of NYC’s best comedians this Saturday, April 14th, 9:30pm at Q.E.D.

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