Video Licks: Grace Helbig Masters Mondays with a Game of Edward 40 Hands

If you are not watching the Daily Grace channel you are out of your flipping noggin. Comedian, actress, internet personality Grace Helbig makes your days just a little bit better with her vlog of vlogs. The week goes like this:

Monday: Misc
Tuesday: Comments
Wednesday: Reviews
Thursday: HOW*TOs
Friday: Sexy Friday

This Monday, Grace is joined by Mamrie Hart and Chester See to partake in a game of Edward 40 Hands.

The Challenge: Take 2 40s, duct tape them to your hands and consume said 40s until you are done drinking.

Gulp! No one dies. PLEEZ check out the show!

Mentions: Check out Grace, Mamrie & Chester in Camp Takota on Chill.