Video Licks: A DENIED FROM NEW YORK “Self-Care PSA” for Getting Through The Workweek


Do you need a good reason to catch the next Denied From New York Friday, June 8th at The Peoples Improv Theatre? Well, writer/producer of the show, Sean Reidy, has just the pre-taped sketch that will make you add a touch of comedy to your uber productive day. Feeling sluggish and not able to get through your workday? Then perhaps you need to watch this IMPORTANT Self-Care PSA that gets to the bottom of your lackluster existence. Enjoy! (WARNING: Self pleasure talk)

This video was directed by Joshua Sarlo, written by Sean Reidy, edited by Alyssa Marino, with DP María Villaseñor and stars Halima Henderson, Taylor Newhall, Elizabeth Callahan, Alyssa Lott, Giancarlo Mariutto, Danielia Donohue Reidy, and Sean Reidy. Sean Reidy & Giancarlo Mariutto were not chosen to write on SNL, but they & NYC’s best sketch comics help bring denied dreams back to life at their show “Denied from New York.” Don’t miss it at PIT Underground!

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