Video Licks: These ‘Superhero Groupies’ Would Love to Get in The NIGHTPANTZ of Their Favorite REAL Comic Book Legend


With Comic-Con about a month away, we couldn’t help but put out the superhero fan vibe a little early. In this new video from digital comedy collective, NIGHTPANTZ, the Superhero Groupies are making themselves known, with maybe a tiny bit of in-fighting over groupie names. Of course, one thing they all have in common, besides their uncomfortably romantic devotion to their favorite superhero, is the envy of the one who’s co-mingled with hammer-wielding god. Curses! Enjoy!

This sketch was written by Crystal Franceschini, directed by Trevor Cummings, produced by Tim Lacatena, edited by Grant Vance and features the cast of (in order of appearance): Elizabeth Del Re, Cassidy Lehrman, Shira Weitz, Tim Lacatena, Carolina Hoyos, Santina Muha, Carol Matthews Nicoli, Dan Masso, Franceschini, Jazzy Byner, Teri Jo, Zoe Farmingdale, Dyani Rejae, Victor Chi, Jacob Godbey, and Kristen Van Nest.

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