Video Licks: It’s The Battle of The ‘HAVANA’ Parodies ft. A Singing Chiquita Banana + Acapella Rendition

Summer is almost here, so that means plenty of music blaring at pools, beaches, or wherever the season takes you. By now your ears have been indoctrinated with the tune from Camilla Cabello, Havana, which leads us to two music videos that present their own twist on this international chart topper. In the first parody we find Carmela Zumbado in the role of Chiquita Banana accompanied by Dahéli Hall, as rapper Young Thug, and featuring Rhett George, singing the praises of everyone’s favorite nutritious fruit. Time for some Banana at FOD, care of Lisa Timmons!

Things get much sillier when Briana Hansen gives us her split-screen Acapella version of the song. It almost feels like it was inspired by the Brady Bunch, only in this case, the kids may need a bit more rehearsal. Enjoy Best “HAVANA” Acapella Cover EVER!

Mentions: I promise this is the last time be singing the song!