Quick Dish NY: ADAPTATION An Improv Show 8.23 at The PIT Underground

Alex, I’ll take books that are movies for a $1000. Imagine a comedy show that was created over some vino and the devotion to books that happened to also be movies. Did someone say wine? I mean books. I mean movies! Thursday, August 23 at The PIT Underground, leave the imagining to the experts and come watch as a book club improvises a book from memory. Now that’s talent! The first book happens to be Divine Secret of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. If you haven’t read it, you might not want to base your next book report on the retelling. The cast will include:

Elizabeth Furey
Patrick Keene
Glo Tavarez
Jon Hudson
Aaron LaRoche
Stephen Buckley
Roxie Wilson
Rebecca Acevedo
Shannon Burke

Come see what ADAPTATION is all about this month at the The PIT, you bookworms!

Mentions: Show 9pm. Buy $8 tickets HERE. The PIT Under ground is located at 123 E 24th St (b/t Park & Lex)
New York, NY 10010.