Quick Dish NY: Band with The CREEK BROS 8.18 at Creek and the Cave

I was never lured by the Greek system, but I did have the side benefit of listening to their blasting party music in the wee hours of every weekend morning. Win? Come be part of a very different society, Saturday, August 18th at Creek and the Cave. The CREEK BROS brings you stand-up every month, complete with free unspiked drinks! Come pledge your laughter to this comedy not so secret order:

Dewayne Perkins (Netflix)
Alyssa Limperis (UCB Comedy)
Tim Duffy (Comedy Central)
Luke Mones (Influencer)
Clark Jones (Comedy Central, HBO’s Crashing)
Marcia Belsky (Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical)
Julia Shiplett (Side Ponytail)
Steven Castillo (Saturday Night Live)
Emily Panic (Sunday Roast w/ Em ‘n’ Lil: A Comedy Night at Max Fish)

w/ hosts Carmen Lagala (Colbert), Sam Ruddy and Billy Prinsell

Laughing permitted. No rushing allowed. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 8pm. $5 entry includes free PBR. Check out the show every third Saturday of the month. This show is produced by Brett Arnold. The Creek and The Cave is located at
10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City 11101.