Quick Dish NY: NO SUCH THING AS LOVE 9.10 at The PIT Underground

As fate would have it, I was just watching an ad for a British dating show where a prospective couple meet for the first time and totally hit it off. Love at first sight! Of course, I didn’t find out what happens the many dates after, but one can’t help being a cynic! Feed into that dating skepticism with some comedy at NO SUCH THING AS LOVE Monday, September 10th at The PIT Underground. Join Claire Burns & Jessie Jolles as they bring the audience a themed show highlighting their dating woes where you can expect specials guests like dating coaches, tarot card readers, ex paramours, fellow comedians sharing love stories, and blind dates on stage! This month they’ve put together Jessie’s favorite things to ring in the 30s with style. Will it be a birthday style “Dating Game” where documentaries and more failed dates are discussed? Only one way to find out! GO!

Mentions: Show 7pm. Buy tickets HERE. The PIT Underground is located at 123 E 24th St (b/t Park & Lex)
New York, NY 10010.