Quick Dish NY: MAD LIBS A Musical Parody 9.21 at The PIT Underground


Do you like magic? Then you should love Mad Libs: A Musical Parody because this night of musical mystery mayhem “can disintegrate before your very eyes!” OK, there will be no flying doves or pulling rabbits out of hats, but there WILL BE teams tasked with creating a scene and musical number, while hosts attempt to fill in the blanks in between. The groups involved will have no ideas what the other’s scenes are until they are performed, and the hosts won’t get a sneak peek either. Hosted by Michelle LeVine and Zoe Yellen, judged by Joe LeVine, Mikey Addady, April LaVelle, & Jen Scanlin, your teams will include

Freckles & Friends:
Michele O’Brien
Marissa Solomon
Justin Catchens
Ashley Lara
Connor Bowen
Alex Field

Mom’s Night Out:
Brittany McDonald
Julianne Cross
Chris Darden
Amanda Saiewitz

Shann & Shobes:
Shannon Burke
Steph Shober

Let the musical making begin!

Let the madness begin!

Mentions: Show 7:30pm. Buy tix HERE. The Peoples Improv Theater Underground is located at 123 E 24th St. Closest public transportation: 23rd St Stop, 6, R, W.