Quick Dish NY: The Best HTML-Based Comedy Show INTERNET EXPLORERS “Hacks” it Up 10.8 at Caveat


If you had a “Free Kevin” bumper sticker on your desktop in the 90s, then you’ll probably know a thing or two about HACKING. If not, then “Google Kevin Mitnick” & “2600.” Happy falling down the rabbit hole, kids! Now back to the meat of this post. Monday, October 8th at Caveat NY, the Internet Explorers will be bringing you their SPOOKY OCTOBER SHOW, which just so happens to be covering HACKING! How convenient. Put on your Trinity shades and crack those Mr. Robot knuckles because crown internet prince/host Mark Vigeant will be achieving brownie points as he attempts to hack someone from the stage! They said it couldn’t be done. They said it had never been attempted. (They may have no idea what they are talking about.) Will there still be fake STEM-inspired lectures by some of NYC’s best comedians, and a big headliner who will leave the show with a brand new website? Only one way to find out! Check out the lineup that will be on pre-Halloween display:

Jonathan Van Halem (UCB, the Bell House)
Taylor Ortega (Kim Possible, TruTV)
Branson Reese (Internet Celebrity and evil genius)

with headliner
Sam Jay (SNL, The Comedy Lineup)

PLUS real Internet Archivist / Awesome Hacker Guy Jason Scott (The Archive Team)

Now go back to your DDoS’g (just not this site ‘cuz we’re the good guys). GO!

We have no idea what’s going on in this photo, but it’s probably cool INTERNET EXPLORERS stuff. What? Did someone say website roasting?

Mentions: Show 9:30pm. Buy tix HERE. Caveat is located at 21a Clinton St, New York, NY, 10002.