Video Licks: Comedian DANIEL SLOSS Talks About His Relationship Destroying “Jigsaw” Special on CONAN

You remember that one friend that always had your well-being in mind when the were actively sabotaging your relationships? Well, you may have made a new, thoughtful friend in comedian DANIEL SLOSS when you see his Netflix special Jigsaw. OK, sabotaging is a strong word. In this case, Daniel’s merely giving people’s relationship foundations a good shake to see if they keep standing. According to CONAN O’Brien, Daniel “may be the most evil person I’ve met recently,” but don’t let that deter you from watching this interview and his specials. With 4000 breakups, 17 cancelled engagements and 9 divorces under his belt, you better hold your honey close this one last time, kids! Enjoy!

Mentions: Watch CONAN weeknights 11/10C on TBS. Daniels Sloss‘ “Dark” and “Jigsaw” are now streaming on Netflix.