Video Licks: Welcome to DUMBO Land Where The Robot Artists Paint Blood Sunsets!

DUMBO, not to be confused with the animated flying cartoon pachyderm, has been one of the neighbors turned around by 20th century gentrification. Once an amalgam of run down buildings, abandoned waterfront, and squatters, it’s now one of Brooklyn’s priciest neighborhoods. “The center of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle” is home to many a tech startup, as well as being the headquarters for Etsy and West Elm. What else is distinctive about the Brooklyn borough? The artists, of course! Sure, when Two Trees’ Walentas was developing the “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” he promised to “build artistic, cultural and community spaces to benefit the residents,” but have those artists now become the developer’s corporate robots? Only one way to find out! Hear from the What’s the 311?’s artist residents living the big loft, bohemian dream. Watch another episode of the SECOND season!

This episode was written and directed by Jonathan Doyle and features Bryce Craver, Alex Gellner, and Dana Kaplan-Angle. It was edited by Sam Weiss & Andrei Alupului with sound by Nikolaus Koetsch.

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