Video Licks: SETHWARD Quells The Fear of Turning The Dirty 30 by Getting Advice from Strangers

Things are about to get deep, folks. There’s a lot of negativity around turning 30, the big “Dirty Thirty.” As comedy performer SETHWARD (AGT, The Gong Show) realizes the age of reckoning is near he seeks out the opinions of strangers on the street to help him cope with the fear that envelopes him. He’s got no wife, no house, and no stable income, so the stakes are high when it comes to ticking off those accomplishments. Should he be worried or is it just another day in a long life? Enjoy Sethward Turns Thirty! Happy Birthday, Sethward! Also, I think I figured out Twin Peaks now.

This video stars Seth Allison and was shot by Chris Ruggierro with assistant shots by Lori Lusk.

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