Tasty News: Have A Kooky, Spooky Listen to “The Sexy Spooky Teenz Podcast” with Hosts Dave Bluvband, Stephanie Pace, & John Trowbridge

As we approach the month where the citizenry take up lovers so they can hold one another tightly as they watch blood curdling, fright-inducing cinema, may I suggest a podcast to accompany this yearly ritual? I had the pleasure of listening to episodes of The Sexy Spooky Teenz Podcast this week. This podcast is brought to the masses on a weekly basis by hosts David Bluvband, aka The Chris Gethard Show’s Human Fish, Stephanie Pace of The ‘Sup” Comedy Showcase, and John Trowbridge, the creator/star/writer of the Last Night web series, which won the Fusion Film Festival award for best series. Every episode your hosts thoroughly examine a horror film that is “scary, flirty and fun” and give you a synopsis, rating, and “Teen of the Week” honor to the movie they just happened to experience in tandem.

To date your hosts have covered the cinematic horror classics and soon to be classics, Krampus, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Carrie, Drag Me to Hell, and Rosemary’s Baby. If you’re like me and love horror but are not always brave enough to watch a film that you know will give you horrific nightmares for months on end, may I suggest listening to comics thoroughly examine the plot of an ever so frightening film, so that you may be more prepared to digest said film at a later date. It really does do wonders for one’s mental stability! Since I had never seen Carrie and Rosemary’s Baby in full, I decided to dig into those episodes first to get a good feel for what the podcast is all about. Right off the bat, your hosts give you their impressions of the film they viewed and they really don’t hold back with their opinions. I can tell you that Mr. Trowbridge is the most critical of the trio, but he does give credit where credit is due. Bluvband and Pace seem to share similar movie watching sensibilities and (so far) don’t often diverge in their assessments, which makes for engaging entertainment when they counter Trowbridge’s thoughts.

I won’t spoil any of the movie plots because I’m not a monster, but I can say that this trio really give honest descriptions and critiques of each film, with playfully biting humor, fun facts, and personal stories that make the whole experience worthwhile. No one will ever sway me from loving Sam Raimi’s elevated camp masterpiece, Drag Me to Hell (Justin Long 4eva), but this bunch pointed out moments I’d overlooked and reminded me that Oscar and Golden Globe winner Octavia Spencer had a teeny role in the movie. BLINK! I know! I lied, SPOILERS ahead. I can now watch Carrie & Rosemary’s Baby with renewed confidence. Should I want to cover my eyes at any point during a future viewing, I can just pause the stream and remember that Carrie is just Degrasse High with buckets of blood and Rosemary’s Baby is merely about a bad actor who will be a supreme jerk to his wife for that primo gig. Be you an avid, horror film viewer or not, do yourself a favor and soak up some Sexy Spooky Teenz pod for thrills, chills, and hearty giggles. You’ll be glad you did!

Mentions: Episodes drop every Friday, so get your scary Sexy Spooky Teenz listening in THERE!