Video Licks: PINK-EYE PAMMY is Super Bowled Over for The Big Game

Did you hear about that retired Michigan couple that used a loophole in a Winfall lottery game to make a profit of $26 million? The smarty pants players would buy thousands of tickets to ensure they had tickets with five, four, and three matches because if nobody won the big jackpot, the other tiers of correct numbers could profit. (Dammit, why didn’t I think of that?) That method of wealth building seems WAY easier than training for years, getting on an NFL team, beating the best teams in the country, and then facing your foe in wintery conditions in front of millions of people. If you hadn’t guessed, Super Bowl LIII happens today, which means Pink-Eye Pammy is watching the big game! Sure she doesn’t really know the rules, but that won’t stop her from chiming in. Get out your chips, dips, and charming wit! Enjoy Super Bowled Over! Stay in school and be kind to budding athletes, kids.

This episode of Pink-Eye Pammy was brought to you by Norelco. I kid, it’s all the genius of Matt S. McCormick.

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