Quick Dish NY: BUTT DREAM Lingerie Store Comedy Show Saturday at The Rack Shack

Isn’t life all about experiencing new things? Of course it is! This Saturday, March 2nd, come laugh yourself silly at a comedy show inside a lingerie store! BUTT DREAM is hosted by Julie Mitchell and Brian Bahe who are prepared to “bring you a sultry, empowering, and even sexy comedy show for once!!” Come admire the merchandise and laugh with this enticing lineup:

Devon Walker (loves his friends)
Eudora Peterson (sometimes glasses)
Kenice Mobley (lowkey a twin)
Stavros Halkias (one tooth)
Sam Taggart (voice of our generation/overalls)
Maria Wojciechowski (teen vlogger)

You never know what you’ll discover at this Matryoshka doll of a show! FREE! GO!

Mentions: Show 9pm. FREE!!! The Rack Shack is located at 155 Central Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221. (Right off the Central M train.)