Quick Dish NY: “Too Many Asians” Character Show Tonight at SPANK at UCB Hell’s Kitchen

At SPANK you get to witness two brand new sketch/solo shows birthed before your visual orbs. TONIGHT one of these just out of the womb creations includes the TOO MANY ASIANS character show featuring the seltzer, penguins, and french fry loving WOODY FU bringing you a complete KPOP Boy Band! Oh my, we’ve said too much! Yes, Fu will be playing ALL the characters with complete gutso that you just can’t miss. Also featured on tonight’s SPANK show is DieAhuascHard. Say that’s fast 10 times. You can’t! Don’t miss this glorious night of stupendous comedy.

Mentions: Show 6pm. Buy tickets HERE. UCB Hell’s Kitchen is located at 555 W 42 Street.