Video Licks: Watch Sketch Team GLAMOUR COLLEGE Perform “Baked by Melissa” at UCBT Hell’s Kitchen

Did someone say “kitchen” AND “baked?” Hurray! Get ready for a super sweet treat because we have a live performance from sketch team GLAMOUR COLLEGE delivered at this month’s Maude Night at UCBT Hell’s Kitchen. Some Baked by Melissa patrons are surprised to discover the esteemed founder present at her bakery shop. What they didn’t know is she’s a pint-sized dynamo packing a whole lot of confectionary courage. No bird, terrorist or giant bag of flour is keeping this baker back!


This sketch was performd by Neil D’Astolfo March 18th and features Ann Marie Yoo as Olivia, Ari Durnell as Joan, and Shane O’Neill as a patron.

Mentions: Glamour College’s next show is Monday, April 15th at 7:30pm. The team will be performing at UCB Theatre Hell’s Kitchen as part of Maude Night.