Video Licks: BILL BURR Talks About Mistakingly Taking His Kid to See Tim Burton’s Very Adult DUMBO Movie

I remember when I first saw the original animated Disney DUMBO movie. You’re thinking, what could go wrong? A cute mouse named Timothy, a happy flying elephant taking a sudsy bath, and “a trainload of exciting new characters.” Umm, every time I just see a small snippet of that movie I feel the lip quiver and the lone tear trickling out my eyeball all over again. Scarred for life! Of course, Tim Burton’s very adult live version of the Disney classic hit the theatres in March and my nightmare began anew. It appears comedian Bill Burr’s two-year old may be commiserating with my lifetime of cinematic torture. Burr joined host Conan O’Brien on the CONAN couch to discuss his recent family movie experience. Thinking the re-make was made for kids, he was surprised to find the film was nothing like what he (or his daughter) expected. Laugh and learn with Burr now! (WARNING: Remember to bring plenty of tissue if you see the movie, you masochists!)

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