Quick Dish NY: GOOD ENERGY Standup Show Tonight at The PIT Underground


No spoilers, but Game of Thrones, WOW! Gosh golly gee, epic battle FEELS! Something like that is hard to top, but let’s keep the momentum going with some NYC laughter. TONIGHT at The Peoples Improv Theater, come experience the stand-up show that includes the best comics from TV, the web, the stage, and your favorite NYC venue. Your GOOD ENERGY lineup includes

Joe Leonardo (UCB, ESPN, Travel Channel, Funny As Tech), your host

Bill Schaefer (UCB, Quality Time)

Tracy Soren (Bustle, DraftKings, WhoHaha, My Nightmare)

Tim Platt (Hampton High, Sesame Street)

No, I can’t keep this giant smile off my face, so may you feel that exact same excitement TONIGHT! GO!

Mentions: Show 7pm. $8 tickets HERE. The PIT Underground is located at 23 E 24th St New York, NY 10010, 212-563-7488.