Video Licks: A Woman Meets Her “Match” in This Musical Breakup Sketch

It’s over. Done. Finito! After you’ve parted ways with that special someone, you must pick up the pieces and move on. At least, that’s what everyone tells you to do. However, sometimes burning bridges comes with the territory. If you’re gonna send the whole thing down in flames, be sure to do it safely. Introducing, EZ Lite Breakup Matches! Enjoy BURNT from Jazzy Byner now! (WARNING: Kids, never play with matches)

This video was directed by Jason Bannister, co-directed, written by and stars Jazzy Byner, with music by Carolina Hoyos (A Girl I Know) “See The Same Thing Twice” available on Itunes, Spotify and YouTube. Kudos to Elan Berg, Dan Masso, Nightpantz, Hunter Bolton, Curtis Endicott and Lance the Otter. More crew info HERE.

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