Video Licks: Two Bank Robbers Blend with Their Surroundings in This Funny New Sketch


So what’s the best way to fool the cops when escaping a bank heist. The old playing it cool and blending in with your surroundings trick, of course. In this new video starring Steven Briggs and one of the tallest people in the U.S., George Bell (American Horror Story), we find two men taking a spot at an Instagram model photoshoot. Nobody will ever know they just broke the law, right?! Enjoy Guys Try to Rob Bank!

This video was shot, directed and edited by Chris Drescher. The cast includes Briggs, Bell, Krista Kay, Randi Ross, Mikey Slyman, Day Carter, Jeremy Young, Kevin Prace, Sandy Knights, Byron Kemp Stout, Daniel Roman I, and Esther Baker.

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