Video Licks: “The BIG Earthquake is Coming” or Is It?

Video Licks: “The BIG Earthquake is Coming” or Is It?
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Just like a major tremor, comic, actor, yoga instructor and GRE biology teacher doctor Koushik Chattopadhyay, always has us trying to find our balance with his creative comedy videos. Just when you think you know what’s going on, you really don’t and that’s the always the most fun. In this new sketch, we find Chattopadhyay playing a “boy who cried” type of fella trying to woo his date. It’s always the BIG ONE screamers that never feel the real deal, isn’t it? Enjoy INDIAN in HOLLYWOOD’s The BIG Earthquake is Coming!

This vid was written by Chattopadhyay and stars Jeannie Ceglar & KOUSHIK.

Mentions: Watch more from KOUSHIK HERE. Follow him on Instagram today!

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