Quick Dish NY: STOKED COMEDY Open Mic & Comedy Show 10.3 at Mad Tropical

You may have watched the Emmys and said, “where’s my reward?” Well, kids, come feel appreciated at the next STOKED COMEDY. Enjoy a free open mic followed by a full on comedy show hosted by Amber Rollo, Kelly Bachman and Davidson Boswell at Mad Tropical in Brooklyn, New York. The price is a mere $0 and you’ll be treated to FREE Pizza, sweet Drink Specials and all the laughter you can tolerate. This month’s lineup, (October 3rd to be exact) includes:

Sarah Cooper
Taj Osorio
Chase Montavon
Rachel McCartney
Taha Rakla

With Melton the DJ!

For those envying the spotlight, you try your own material at the pre-show Open Mic. One comic from the open mic will get a guest spot on the next Stoked Comedy! Now that’s called moving up in the world! Come out and laugh it up before you can see your chilly breath outside.

Mentions: OPEN MIC at 7pm. SHOW at 8pm. FREE! Mad Tropical is located at 236 Troutman St., Brooklyn, NY 11237. Catch the show every first Thursday of the month.