Video Licks: PICTURE FRAMES Reveal The Good and The Very Bad Times in This MIKE LANE Original

Mike Lane

Awww, nothing like seeing a greying widower celebrating his anniversary with the one he holds most dear. Oh nevermind that ol’ Bernie is talking to a picture of his deceased loved one. It’s just a thing he does. Oh wait, he’s starting to argue with her. Hmmm, maybe things weren’t always as perfect as they seemed? Wait, more photos are coming out? Oh my, a breakup? A mistress?! Eeek, other people are starting to notice. Language! Violence! Oh NO, not a baby! Things are about to get waaay out of hand. Enjoy Picture Frames from MIKE LANE (Mom, Nobodies, Adam Ruins Everything).

(font color=red>WARNING: Grandpa just got PG-13’d)

This sketch was written by Mike Lane, directed & edited by Ryan Moulton and features Lane, David Brown, Haley Hepworth, Zack Frederick, Aaron Mervis, and Curtis Minami. More crew info HERE.

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