Video Licks: Watch ‘NerdTerns’ Season 2 NOW ft. @Nerdist, @PFTompkins & MORE

Video Licks: Watch ‘NerdTerns’ Season 2 NOW ft. @Nerdist, @PFTompkins & MORE
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If you are a die-hard fan of all things Nerdist then NATURALLY you have discovered the NerdTerns web series. Internships are a tough business and sometimes things get a wee bit hairy down at Nerdist Industries Central, as we saw in season one. Lucky for you, half of season two has dropped all in one fell swoop. In episodes 1-5, you’ll enjoy an homage to the Dark Crystal starring Chris Hardwick himself;Mo fawns over her idol Paul F Tompkins; we are treated to the dance skills of Jenny Fine and the darkness that is “Brandon McCrow”; we are introduced to Nerdistland, the themepark; also, we meet Peter Hardwick, Chris’ lesser known sibling. So much goodness to lap up in one sitting.

Episode 1: The Dark Crystal (Guests: Chris Hardwick, Horatio Sanz & Justin Willman)

Episode 2: Paul F Tompkins Meets the Newterns (Guests: Paul F. Tompkins and Rachel Bloom)

Episode 3: Jenny vs. Hallie (Guests: Colton Dunn, Moses Storm, and Matt Bennett)

Episode 4: Epic Lloyd in Nerdistland (Guests: Lloyd Ahlquist [aka Epic Lloyd], Chris Hardwick, the Return of Ben [Ben Dunn])

Episode 5: Rory Scovel asks Who is Peter Hardwick? (Guests: Rawn Erickson II, Rory Scovel, Chris Hardwick, Daniela Diiorio.)

Mentions: Episodes 6-10 of NerdTerns Season 2 drops March 20! Squee!

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