Video Licks: Enjoy A Modern Day ‘Christmas Carol’ with Drew Luster’s Heartfelt Short A MOLLY CHRISTMAS

Drew Luster

As the year comes to a frenetic close, you may be finding yourself bogged down with the minutia of the holidays, or worse yet, you’re so stuck in your head you’ve forgotten about those friends, relatives or acquaintances that have been so important in your life. In this Dickensian short, written and directed by Drew Luster, we find a man confronted with his past behavior after a surreal drug experience. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, he’s been a real jerk to his best pals, focusing on his own success at their expense. Will a look back at how his actions have deeply affected his close relationships set him on a new path? Find out in A Molly Christmas!

A Molly Christmas is short film collaboration with Drew Luster and Alan Luster (Director of Photography). It stars Drew Luster, Abby Salzberg, Jesse Vandenbergh, and Nevada Caldwell. Music was composed by Michael Grubbs. Sound was provided by Ismael Baiz Script and production expertise by Alex Estrada.

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