Quick Dish LA: WHITMER THOMAS & PALS Hijinks 1.19 at The Satellite

The Satellite

We sense hijinks are afoot. Sunday, January 19th at The Satellite, the comedy and music experiment continues with Whitmer Thomas‘ unique brand of darkwave synth mind tweaking paired with his pals’ stand up and sing song performances. The next WHITMER THOMAS & PALS will feature this smashing lineup:

Kate Berlant
Quinta Brunson
Nori Reed
Eddie Della Siepe
Natalie Palamides
Anna Seregina

with Whitmer Thomas (Stone Quackers, Walking Dead, Deported, Ghosted, You’re The Worst) at the helm

Do yourself a solid and immerse yourself in Whitmer’s world for an evening or two.

Mentions: Show 8pm. $8 online or at the door. The Satellite is located at 1717 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026.