Video Licks: Life Is A PEACH when The “Paint and Pinot” Class Is in Session


Just remember, all flowers are not the same. In this new sketch performed by the UCB Maude Team, PEACH, on the UCBT NY stage, the “Paint and Pinot” class is in session. There’s just one problem, one of the students is marching to the beat of her own drummer. It seems that when the instructor told the class they were to paint a flower, Rebecca Sinclair (Tim Girrbach) has other more natural ideas. Is her not-at-ALL a Georgia O’Keeffe piece of art a shameful display or is she more gifted than anyone ever imagined (or is she a domestic terrorist)? Find out NOW!

This sketch was written by Jared, directed by Matt Gehring, and features Tim Girrbach, Neil D’Astolfo, McKenna Cox, Winnie Stack, & Iliana Inocencio. It was filmed by Jack Frederick.

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