Video Licks: Make “New Friends” at 30 with FEMINARCHY

musical comedy

What do you do when you lose a friend to marriage, distance, or personality clashes? Well if you are 30 and above, you have a LONG road ahead of you, kid! In this new musical comedy video from Feminarchy, the dazzling duo of Dominique Salerno and Laura Hankin bravely take on the topic of making new friends at a time when it’s simply an uphill battle. The bleak options to snag a new friend include Meetup groups, an improv class, the dog park, neighbors, the coffeehouse barista, and… oh god, you are in deep doo doo. Guess you’ll never question Stevia over agave again! Enjoy the New Friends song!

This song was written by Dominique Salerno, Laura Hankin, and Jason Pomerantz and features Dustin Streight, Kristy Wright, Jeffrey Copeland, Melissa Parker Caron, Lindsay Levinson, Sarah Paton, Neeka Billotte, Paul Pallotta, Gabbie Fried, Olivia Atwood, plus Jonah, Julian, Holiday, Pappy, Benny, and Taco.

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