Quick Dish NY: Tomorrow at Caveat INTERNET EXPLORERS Takes on The GOOGLE Web Behemoth

NO joke, yesterday I was watching a funny video on my laptop that just happened to use the word “basic” a bunch of times. Then, much later on, I get on my phone and all the Youtube suggestions are videos that have the word “basic” in the title. Is YouTube, a subsidiary of Google (under the umbrella of holding company Alphabet) spying on me?! I didn’t even have the mic settings on! Time to assume the fetal position and rock myself into another dimension.

Memba when Google’s corporate motto was “Don’t be evil?” Ah, the good old days. Haha, that slogan was supposed to be “a jab at a lot of the other companies, especially our competitors, who at the time, in our opinion, were kind of exploiting the users to some extent.” Guess what? That motto has morphed into “You can make money without doing evil.” The question is, CAN you?

TOMORROW at Caveat, comedy/tech guru Mark Vigeant will venture into those corners of the web that need some serious and not so serious explaining. The INTERNET EXPLORERS topic of the night, of course, will be the tech Goliath GOOGLE. The company has done so much for the world, but at the same time has amassed so much power that it may be crushing the consumer and it’s employees from the weight of it’s omnipotence. Don’t worry, Mark will make it all better by cleverly and humorously answering the more (cue the drama) ominous question, HOW EVIL IS GOOGLE?? His guest experts for the evening will include:

Kathryn Spiers, a former Google engineer, and Sara Morrison, a data and privacy reporter at Vox

plus the IE funky bunch of

composer Darren Solomon (“the band”), Rollie Williams (“the sidekick”), and Sam Reece (“the moderator”)


Left to right: Rollie Williams (totally not sleeping), Sam Reece & host supreme, Mark Vigeant (image by Carly Hoogendyk)

Mark will unveil a game made in Google Docs? And Google Calendar art?? Who the heck know? You have to attend to find out what madness lies ahead!

Don’t miss a stellar evening of laughter and infotainment! In the meantime, watch this sizzle reel to get yourself jazzed:

Mentions: Doors 9pm, Show 9:30pm. Tickets $10 in advance, 12 at the door. Caveat is located at 21A Clinton Street. Follow Mark on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.