Video Licks: Bo Burnham Delights on ‘The Pete Holmes Show’

Comedian, writer, singer-songwriter, actor, Internet celeb Bo Burnham graced The Pete Holmes Show stage last night. The interview was incredible from beginning to end. In fact, I wish the show were longer so we could hear even more stories. Pete and Bo started off talking about the comebacks they’ve unleashed when their towering height is addressed.

Things got personal when the two comedians discussed the onset of puberty. Pete fondly recalled the onset of “the itch.”

The interview turned down the lights for a dramatic reading from Egghead, Bo’s book of poetry. After the reading, Bo gave a heart warming congratulations to old Petey Pants on his foray into the late night arena.

Probably the best part of the interview (that actually didn’t make it to air) was the Pitbull replacement story. Bo Burnham recounted an outside concert he’d performed at for the Univeristy of Southern Florida. The school had asked Bo to fill in for the hip hop artist/”villain from GTA.” The comedian was pelted with bottles but he was actually able to bring the crowd around.

Bo performed a song about Pitbull‘s broken hand during the concert. You can see video of this performance if you click HERE. Enjoy!

Mentions: Watch The Pete Holmes Show weeknight Midnight/11C on TBS.