Quick Dish: H. G. Wells Interviews D&D’s E. Gary Gygax TONIGHT on Dead Authors

All you role-playing game fans and comedy nerds, listen up! The LIVE Dead Authors podcast hosted by the illustrious sci-fi writer H.G. Wells (played by Paul F Tompkns) will be featuring the American writer and game designer Ernest Gary Gygax. He is, of course, best known for co-creating (with Dave Arneson) the 1970’s role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons that spearheaded a gaming revolution. Mr. Gygax will be played by Chris Tallman, best known for his regular appearances on the Comedy Central programs Crossballs and Reno 911! The adventure begins at LA’s UCB Theatre tonight. This is a simply an episode you cannot miss!

Mentions: Buy your TIX now before they time travel to another dimension. Show 6:30pm.