I can hear the soft pitter patter of programmer fingers tapping keyboard keys as I write this. Last night’s episode of Community, App Development and Condiments, has turned Community fiction into Community reality, once again. In the episode Dean Pelton introduces the Greendale clan to the creators of a new social media app MeowMeowBeenz, that allows individuals on campus to rate one another from a scale of 1 to 5. In true Community style this leads to a Logan’s Run inspired dystopian society filled with crazy costumes, elite member zones and a caste altering Talent show. Thanks to both the entrepreneurial spirit and cyber-curious nature of Community fans you too will be able to unleash the power of the Beenz. If there’s a pre-registration website it has to be true, right? APP UP!

Mentions: Watch Community Thursdays 8/7C on NBC. Watch the entire episode HERE if you missed it.