Tasty News: This Saturday 4.25 ‘Khalid’s Mostly Musical Comedy TING’ feat. Talent from ‘Conan’ & ‘Fallon’

musical comedy

Khalid’s Musical Comedy TING is a weekly, mostly musical, comedy show hosted by “stand-up comedian/delusional Knicks fan/terrible driver” Khalid Rahmaan (Conan) on Zoom. Since everyone’s feeling nostalgic for live shows, it’s only logical that performers make the transition to the world wide web. Khalid and @ElectricLaughs have entered this new realm of performance while lending a helping hand out other comics. How have they done this? By bringing you quality musical and stand-up comedy each week! The FOR REAL uncensored show will welcome this snazzy lineup Saturday night, April 25th:

Sami Schwaeber (NY Comedy Festival)

Katie Johantgen (Friends! The Musical Parody)

Rebecca Vigil (Netflix)

Ian Lara (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

and special guests!

Your TING host Khalid Rahmaan

All you have to do is RSVP for entrance (with a suggestion donation greatly appreciated). More deets below! Help comics while elevating your mood in this temporary quarantine. You’ll be glad you did.

Mentions: RSVP HERE. Suggestion donation $5 – $25 @Comedy-Ting on Venmo. Donatons will go directly to the folks putting the show together, in front and behind the screen. After grabbing your ticket, you will receive an e-mail from TheComedyTing that includes a registration link. Be sure to just grab only one RSVP. To keep the show a safe space for performers do not record or redistribute the show in any way. This show is produced by Khalid Rahmaan and Leif Enoksen.