Tasty News: Laugh with The LADIES WHO RANCH SHOW 5.1 on the TVCO App

The LADIES WHO RANCH is a fivesome comedy powerhouse that Time Out New York described as “very funny lunatics” and “demented.” Should they be insulted by this description? I think not! Join the laughter consortium as they team up with Brooklyn Comedy Collective to share “their raucous comedy gauntlet, chock-full of sketches, characters, songs and sets.” In their most recent digital shows,

*they showed a quarantined Lin Manuel revealing his latest play

*A french musician singing about another popular infection that *isn’t* co-vid 19

*A deranged woman taking us through supernatural wormholes

*A YouTube makeup personality who can’t nail her signoff

*And a girlfriend singing about her boyfriend’s hot friends

The upcoming LADIES WHO RANCH – LIVESTREAM on TVCO will include performances from:

Sophie Zucker (Dickinson, The Other Two)

Caroline Yost (Adult Swim)

Maya Sharma (EarWolf)

Caitlin Dullea (NY Short Acts Fest)

and Kelly Cooper (Fallon)

With opener Fareeha Khan (MTV, Comedy Central, Adult Swim)

Not only will you laugh yourself silly, but you’ll have the opportunity to tip the artists during the livestream on TVCO. Deets below! Let’s RANCH, yee-haw!

Mentions: May 1st watch for FREE by logging on the app at showtime and searching for @ComedyBrooklyn. Tip the artists live during the livestream! You get free “cash points” you can gift just by logging in and making a TVCO account. Check out other online BCC events HERE.