Video Licks: A Friendship is Put to The Test in LUCIEN WICKLES: PRIVATE EYE


In times like this, you can certainly separate your REAL friends from the bogus ones. If you’ve been sensing some untrustworthiness in a pal recently, may we suggest the services of ace P.I. Lucien Wickles? In this new video, directed by Reggie Henke and written by Blair Socci & Henke, we happen upon a friendly encounter that’s about to be blown asunder. When Blair asks his dear friend Vanessa about her afternoon plans, some sketchiness is suspected. How is she to determine the truthfulness of Vanessa’s words? With a little cash and some private investigator Wickles knowhow, anything is possible. Feast your eyes on LUCIEN WICKLES: PRIVATE EYE!

This video stars Blair Socci, James Austin Johnson, and Vanessa Gonzalez. More crew info HERE.

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